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This book is dedicated to those who cherish cultural heritage. The Rebana Kercing of Kampung Laut is a traditional performing art heritage of Kampung Laut, Kelantan. The Rebana Kercing of Kampung Laut, as how it is called, has been practiced for almost two centuries in Kelantan, however, as compared to other performing arts in Kelantan, the Rebana Kercing of Kampung Laut is only restricted to Kampung Laut, one of the biggest and most populated village in Kelantan, a state on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Though in the past Rebana Kercing were performed in different districts of Kelantan, they had their root in Kampung Laut. As of present, the last remaining group of Rebana Kercing performers can only be found in Kampung Laut. With its remaining activists ageing, and no apparent apprentice to continue the legacy, the performing art is at risk of extinction. This book is a result of an extensive cultural preservation project by Universiti Malaysia Kelantan, with the funding from the Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation, by the US Embassy in Malaysia. The funding was meant to preserve and conserve the Rebana Kercing of Kampung Laut performing art, so this intangible heritage can be inherited by the future generation, as a sense of identity of the local community, as well as the Malaysian people in general. This book covers the unique collection of photographs of the Rebana Kercing performing art. It is desired that this collection will help in preserving the heritage for future reference, and adds to the limited available literature on the performing art.