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This book aims to discuss issues about Islamic social finance and economics. Among the topics discussed in this book is baitulmal, usage of ar-Rahnu, zakat institutions, wasiyyah among micro-entrepreneurs, Islamic social finance issues, consuming halal products, hibah giving behaviour, ar-Rahnu versus conventional pawn shops, takaful among non-Muslims, awareness of cash waqf and other significant issues related to Islamic social finance and economics. Given this situation, it is appropriate for this book to be written to compile the results of studies and ideas from the Faculty of Entrepreneurship and Business, Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK), relevant to Islamic social finance and economics. As a result, this book is ideal for general reading and reference at universities, colleges, secondary schools, financial institutions and research institutions specialising in Islamic financial economics and banking. This book can also serve as a personal collection for readers, as the information contained within is precious and difficult to obtain through other sources of information. Based on the titles of the chapters in this book, it is hoped that readers will be able to take lessons in enhancing their knowledge by benefiting from current issues and trends in Islamic social finance and economic development.