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This book deals with brand management in the context of consumer brand relationship (CBR) in strong brand building. Strong brand means a brand have higher brand equity in the mind of consumers. This book will provide the simple reading in understanding the critical role of CBR as valuable source in developing higher customer based brand equity. The CBR is among of contemporary brand strategy which worth to explore and practice as CBR able to create significant brand culture that able to sustain the company’s survival. Understanding and strengthening CBR becomes vital for brand managers and practitioners in nowadays, since it makes consumers loyal, enhance consumer’s tolerance in case of failure of brands and stimulate consumers to spread the brand positively by word of mouth and increase brand equity. 

Particularly, the purpose of this book is to provide knowledge sharing concerning on the subject of brands versus product, what’s mean by brand equity, the approach of strategic brand management in building brand equity, the role of CBR as critical factor or source of brand equity, as well as the sources of CBR building. Obviously, among of importance objective of this book is to provide practitioners (including SMEs), managers, researchers, academicians and students with the concepts, approaches and techniques to improve and sustain the long-term profitability of the brands.